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Muse Design Awards-Mighty dragon on the hill
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Muse Design Awards-Mighty dragon on the hill
Entrant Company
T.E&C Architects & Associates

Architectural Design

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Office Building

This case takes the image of traditional Chinese dragon, in the place that takes up 7 hectares. The case has to not only meet the complex needs for such considerable technology industry, but also account for the impact upon the environment and culture. According to the demand for production and function, there are six main buildings in the park, including administration center, research center, dormitory and production line. The architecture mimics the heat sink of engine, combining arch feature, taking the vertical element as main theme. By abstracting the primitive landscape of forest, the whole park is linked as a flat band. In reference to traditional Chinese dragon, and the seasonal changes of surroundings, the cliff of architecture is designed as irregular divisions that highlight the arch. Considering the need of workers, there is great amount of green place in the park, and all kinds of green resources are included in living space. To remain the original skyline of the hill, the overall architecture is designed to be short. The arch rooves will benefits the efficiency of solar panel installation in the future; meanwhile, they can decrease wind pressure, which shows respect to the primitive landscape. To broaden local influence, this case takes good advantage of the centurial banyan tree and the temple of Earthly God in the original location. The banyan tree is made the core belief of this factory of green technology, and the local traditional faith is kept. Being the factory beside a highway, a TESLA recharge station is available to benefit drivers. It not only serves as a rest area but also rid of the boredom of mass mechanic production in common factories. Fukuta is the big factory that produces electronic cars. Design group in this case has tried the best to reduce environmental impact and to insist on the spirit of sustainability. In addition to meeting all needs of the production team in the park, this case has also included original landscape and respected local faith,