Innovation is the mainstream of FUKUTA product strategy. With the various products to segment the market, innovative technology as our brand imagine and small-volume production for our competitive market strategy. To meet customer requirement and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Our development procedure could help to shorten the period in development and based on your requirement to produce an innovative product or modified design.

All of products are developed toward modular development, its flexibility could integrate customers’ demand. We are also willing to accept the recommendations of improvement, in line with market demand, strengthen market competitiveness.
R&D Staff
With a goal to being a pioneer in Green energy filed, we cooperate with industry-government-university to get up-to-date technology and have more creativity idea.

In addition, to maintain its leadership in this field, FUKUTA organize a strategy alliance to develop the key component for electrical vehicle and keep improve to meet the needs of customers to promote our products as high end product. Through continuous effort on improve and optimize our product, no matter high efficiency motor, machine, powertrain system of electrical vehicle/boat can make achievements in global green energy pioneer.
R&D Performance
  1. 1993 Product transition

    From standard motor to inverter motor and servo motor. FUKUTA is the first company to develop these two products.

  2. 2001-2002 Product upgrade

    Modified the frame technique and launch a new product “Aluminum frame” with light and small feature.

  3. 2003-2004 Industrial cooperation project

    FUKUTA has the ability to help customers working on mechanical and electrical integration., we’ve worked together with many famous industrial customer to design and develop customized product, for instance, “crane using variable speed motor”, treadmill motor”, “wood machine used motor”….etc.

  4. 2005-2006 Pioneering cooperation in Taiwanese motor industry

    First motor manufacturer to cooperate with Japanese and American company to develop “wind turbine” and “all electric vehicle used motor”.

R&D Performance
  1. 2006

    Join the alliance leading by China Steel of “Utilization of advance electrical steel of High efficient motor technology integration alliance “.

  2. 2007-2008 New product release – Spindle servo motor

    Its characteristics could meet the requirement for CNC machine ( Eg. CNC milling machine, CNC lathe machine, CNC grinding machine, and other CNC machine…etc.)

  3. 2008-2009

    ✓ 5kW vertical wind turbine power system
    ✓ Servo motor Frame 280.

  4. 2009

    Participate in the key competences development project for Yulon EV.

R&D Performance
  1. 2010

    Leading the project for Electrical Vehicle Advance Power System Alliance to develop the powertrain system for EV Bus.

  2. 2010-2011

    Project of EV Boat for Love River in Kaohsiung and Sun moon lake in Nantou.

  3. 2013

    Honor of National invention award for rotor.

  4. 2014

    Leading the Powertrain system project for EV garbage truck and EV Bus.